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What to do on a Three-Day Seattle Trip Don’t Forget to Visit Nearby Bainbridge and Port Townsend

Seattle city skyline with Mt Rainier at sunset with urban office buildings viewed from Kerry Park.

Don’t Forget to Visit Nearby Bainbridge and Port Townsend

I have traveled to many places and come across interesting finds along the way.  I went to visit Seattle recently because it was not a far drive from Oregon, my initial vacation spot in July with my girlfriend, Lisa.

The ferry from Seattle to Bainbridge is considered “one of the most romantic in all of the United States,” according to Beeline Tours.  With that said, we enjoyed snippets of the towns, Bainbridge Island and Port Townsend, on a spontaneous three-day adventure that started in Seattle, Washington.     


Getting Moore – Day one:

We stayed in downtown Seattle at the Moore Hotel. I discovered this place after visiting its coffee shop years ago, called Moore Coffee Shop.  I enjoy a good cup of coffee with amazing foam art.

For its price and location, this hotel cannot be beaten.  Be sure to ask for a high floor facing the east side of the street. The only caveat was this hotel did not have air conditioning; however, it was not very necessary and remember, we had a great price and were out on the town anyway.  

One can easily walk to Pike Place Market just minutes away.  Lisa marveled at the abundance of flower bouquets, quaint vendors, shops and restaurants.  We enjoyed a view and ate fish at Lowells with the giant Seattle Great Wheel – found at Pier 57 on Elliott Bay in the window view. It has an overall height of 175 feet and was known for becoming the tallest Ferris wheel on the West Coast when it originally opened on June 29, 2012.


FUN FACT:  Fish throwing entertainment at Pike Place Market is a tradition in Seattle.   Rumor has it that fish throwing here started as a prank with an employee at Pike Place Fish Market.  Tourists and visitors enjoyed their yelling and throwing the fish so much it became a popular thing. This is why you may see it every time Seattle is featured on television or magazines.  

Fun Fact:

Seattle is a city on Puget Sound surrounded by water, mountains, evergreen forests, parkland and part of the Salish Sea.


“To reach a port we must set sail – Sail, not tie at anchor. Sail, not drift.” –Franklin D. Roosevelt


Sail Away – Day two:

For $25 you can transport your own vehicle on a boat – park it there – then exit to finish the ride into Bainbridge, or go without a car for $4.10 to $8.20 depending on your age.  


Best Bites With a View:  Harbour Public House gave us magnificent views of boats on the water.  We Googled “Bed and breakfasts Bainbridge”. At the top was Holly Lane Gardens, owned and operated by Patti Dusbabek, a 79-year old widow; and Minnesota teacher turned farmer and innkeeper.  With a last-minute phone call to Patti (who surprisingly answered quickly), we were able to stay in “the cottage”, which is nestled in its own woodland area and complete with a kitchen, bath, bedroom, outside deck and fire pit for those cool nights!  It was hot upon our stay so we took advantage of a serene walk on her acreage and found llamas, geese, rode some bikes, and picked some fresh berries off her trees.

We stayed indoors for a romantic dinner.  Lisa can easily create a meal in under 20 minutes (she does not use recipes, but has a distinct and creative flair for combining flavors, smells and ingredients). We shopped at a nearby Safeway grocery store.  Her delectable dinner this evening was pasta & meatballs, while I emulated a cocktail that we had just yesterday at the Kimpton Palladium Hotel bar, with bourbon and improvised from ingredients we could find locally: basil, cucumbers and the hand-picked berries from Patti’s berry tree.   

The next morning, Patti’s breakfast was outstanding, with fresh eggs either from chickens, geese or ducks.  We were so cozy that we slept in, but still made breakfast and had a wonderful chat with Patti. You could talk to Patti forever and a day with her recollection of visitors who frequent her place. She made for great conversation, laughter and wholesome feel-good stories.  She is definitely a force to be reckoned with. She truly has compassion and kindness for mother nature, animals and humanity. Lisa described her as, “A grandmother you could only write about. She is one smart business lady with a knack for making people happy!”


Escape With Me – Day three:

More than a decade ago, Lisa read that Port Townsend was a top place to live.  “I’m taking you to Port Townsend now,” I announced.  “Eee!” she screeched aloud in her happy voice of excitement.  We quickly packed up and left Bainbridge, knowing we would come back and explore more the next time we visit.  Driving into Port Townsend took about 90 minutes. We arrived hungry as the afternoon approached. With our tradition to eat at highly reviewed places with a view,  Sirens restaurant was no exception. *add more bout sirens*


Where to Stay in Port Townsend?

We Googled “bed and breakfast Port Townsend” and found another gem with its spectacular beachfront location, The Commander’s Beach House, owned and operated by a sweet couple, Jim and Gail.   After a short 10-minute walk back into town, we did some window shopping but could not resist some making some cool purchases from local stores, such as a store with pirate and steampunk merchandise, Worlds End, and Wandering Wardrobe Whimsical Wear.   We were pampered with wine and snacks as we returned to Commander’s by Jim. Then we rested on beach chairs, enjoying each other’s company as we decided on what to do for dinner.  Steps away we treated ourselves to loads of peel and eat shrimp at Docs Marina Grill.   I showed Lisa how to peel and eat shrimp like in this short How To Peel Shrimp Video.   The next morning, we woke to the smell of coffee and breakfast, including eggs, custard, sausage, and pastries.  We played a chess game downstairs in their beautiful living room. Once breakfast was finished, we sat to eat the breakfast with conversation and laughter from a cute older couple who frequents this town and bed and breakfast.   

At last, it was time to part ways and head back to Portland, Oregon, for what was to come: Pickathon Music FestivalThere was so much to do in this region and the good news is that we will be back and explore more of the Seattle area to have new finds to share with you.  

Overall, we were impressed with our short trip, relying on referrals and Google to explore.  We hope this post inspires you to explore, travel and continue living a happy lifestyle. After all, Why choose anything else?

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